Friday, December 9, 2011

Avonlea's Creation Story
As we've started using a new History curriculum (Mystery of History), I've been very pleased and we've been having so much fun! The Story of the World curriculum was wonderful, but it wasn't Biblically-based, only beginning with the archeology and the Ancients. We know that the world began with creation and hence, we decided to switch. I say "we" because as Rob and I were talking about the possible switch, Rob said it was basicaly a no-brainer starting with creation.
We'll hang onto our Story of the World curriculum for now as there are some fun activities we can apply as we get into Ancients and so on (and the maps are a great resource as well), but we're officially a Mystery of History family and lovin' it! It's still classical (timeline approach to learning instead of skipping around like a typical history program). It's still hands-on (I have a very kinesthetic boy and am excited to read some of the exciting lessons for the future). BUT, it's Biblically-based and that's necessary. Anyway, have fun with this video as I'm sure it'll be one of many to come. Avonlea really enjoyed putting together this play after we created our timeline figures for creation. (*Please excuse the halarious laughter as we were quite giddy after FOUR takes!)

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