Friday, November 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, 2011
Better late than never, right? It was a gorgeous night for the pumpkin patch. The temperatures were in the 70s and the skies were immaculate! Something about Florida sunsets.

The kids had an absolute blast.

Somehow, we managed to get all four in a picture and smiling (minus Isaac, obviously).
Sweet Norah.
Hmm..."Daddy, which one should we pick. I like the baby pumpkins best."Lincoln showing off his brute strength by lifting numerous pumpkins.
Rob tried to talk Avonlea into getting a more pale-orange pumpkin with white spots this year. (She later talked him out of it.)
Rob getting a picture with his pumpkin that Avonlea talked him out of. Poor guy. Next year babe, next year. :)
Like I said, the skies were immaculate.
Isaac finally woke up for a few photo opportunities.

Our pumpkin was finally picked and somehow found its way into the baby carrier.
Paid, picked up some lollipops, coloring books and a free pumpkin cookbook the church gives out every year. Now, it's time to load up.
Driving home. Our Creator never seems to amaze me with His awesome artwork.

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Rachel E. said...

great pictures once again. The little guy is growing so fast. Amazing!