Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's something about Sundays. God's day. A day of rest, relaxation and serenity.
Today consisted of an extra hour to sleep in. A warm shower. Hot eggs, oatmeal and spearmint tea. A fun, twirly skirt worn to church and church family to catch up with. A sermon on devotion {not commitment}. Pure, dedicated devotion. More on making disciples. I think about it everyday. I may not be out in the world teaching and preaching, but I'm making four little disciples at home during the day and God gives me the most incredible peace and at the same time, excitement about that. Hot noodles with veggies for lunch hit the spot. A sweet smiley baby to play with this afternoon. Quiet Time/Nap Time. Time for Kelli and Rob to steal a few quiet moments and some chit-chat while little ones slept or played quietly. Relaxed gardening. Realized that our backyard Jacaranda tree (the most beautiful, tropical purple blossoms in spring!) has taken over above our garden area. Tomatoes and strawberries {amongst many other fruits/veggies} are not getting their 6-8 hours of sunlight they need to properly grow. Seedlings are two months old now and not growing to where they should be. Potted up what ones look to be strong and placed them in the front yard to soak up more sun. lumberjack to cut down certain sun-blocking branches in the spring! Don't want to loose the whole tree as I hope to start some bees in the next few years {still pondering on that one}.
"Chicken-watched" with my husband and baby. They are the silliest things sometimes. Freedom Rangers {meat birds to be processed in a few weeks} are getting so big. That 30% protein grain is certainly doing the trick.
Watched as a certain baby around here almost got his toes. Avonlea was really struck with the sermon today on The Persecuted Church and the Day of Prayer. She and I had some sweet moments at church today as we discussed how blessed she is to live in America and not be under persecution for lovin' Jesus. She must have found at least 4 opportunities today to ask to pray for "those other people" suffering for the Lord abroad.
Watched a National Geographic Documentary film with our son about Anacondas in the rain forest. He eats, lives, breathes and sleeps with snakes {pretend, not really real}. He wants one for Christmas...gulp. Isaac is officially a thumb-sucker and I'm so excited about that. Self-soothing babies are the best! This house is looking SOOO different. We're moving around furniture, thinking about paint, getting ready to sell furniture and using that money to purchase other furniture, cleaning out schoolroom "stuff", cleaning out bedrooms and toys. I painted my and Norah's toes a pretty pink today. I snuggled with each of my kids today. I got to fellowship with church family today. Longing for land {probably always will}, but realizing that the Lord wants us here for now. Beginning stages of being okay with that and knowing that God's timing is best. Met our neighbor Ashley today who is a historical genius. She travels to many different locations in the US and Canada giving historical tours, including Prince Edward Island where the notorious Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea (amongst others in her series also). She was floored that our daughter's name was Avonlea. She told us the most interesting stories and facts about the quaint, little town. We gave Ashley some eggs for putting up with our crowing roosters and clucking hens. She says she loves listening to them in the morning from her window. We've been so blessed that the Lord has given us the tolerant neighbors that He has. With four little ones home all day, a barking dog, 19 hens and 2 roosters, you'd think they'd be calling the police on us all the time but they aren't. They welcome the excitement and love our eggs we spoil them with. ;)

For dinner, we got adventurous, loaded the kids up in the SUV along with a blanket and some drinks. Picked up two pizzas and headed out to the beach for the sunset and some sand castles. What an amazing night. It was cold, but relaxing. We lost a few slices of pizza to aggressive sea gulls, found some neat shells, watched a bride, groom and wedding party take sunset pictures right next to us. We snuggled on a blanket, talked about the day and watched as the sun melted into the glistening gulf.

Thank you Father for Sundays.

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