Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doorposts' blog is having a contest and I wanted to enter. Hey! Who doesn't like free stuff?! The contest is regarding Bible verses around your home, how you place them, what they look like, creativity, etc.
So, here are some of the verses around our home that we've come to cherish and help to hold us accountable.

This is something I splurged on when we moved into this house about 4 years ago.

In our sitting room, we have this verse from Psalm 33:1-3 which talks about praise and instruments. I typed it up on our computer, found a fun photo to go along with it (via Google), printed it out in color, placed it in a Dollar Store frame and wha-la! It sits on the piano in the sitting room amongst the guitars which we hope to hang on the wall (out of reach for a little one who will be crawling in the months ahead).
This verse is taped onto our phone and says, "Put away perversity from your mouth; keep corrupt talk far from your lips." Proverbs 4:24
Enough said.
During Bible Time in the mornings, we have been working on I Corinthians 13 together. The verse is all about love and how we should treat one another when we love each other. I took a red poster board. Glued a computer print out page with the verse and photo on it and laminated it. Then, I laminated pictures I found (via Google) of the characteristics of love (patient, kind, protects, no proud, not rude, etc.) and after placing Velcro tabs on them, we're able to place the cards where they go as the children say their verse and tell me what love is and is not. It's wonderful as I train the kids. When a child is being rude, I can bring them back to this giant heart and ask them if love is supposed to be rude and then they can apologize to who they have been rude to.
This verse hangs in our kitchen and reminds me daily to be grateful for food and nourishment. It's James 2:15-16 and encourages us to feed those who need food and not just "wish them well", but to do something physical about it. This verse holds me accountable in times where we should be giving to others in need.

This is a precious verse that we have displayed in our bedroom alongside some photos of our children. We are so thankful for each of them.
This is a verse we have in our bathroom and I see it each morning as I'm getting ready, reminding myself that wearing flashy, expensive clothes aren't what pleases the Lord. Modesty and a gentle and quiet spirit are.

This is a photo of one of the changes that has been happening around our house lately. Rob and I found a great picture of a tree online, printed it out, blew it up at Office Depot and put it on an overhead projector to trace and paint. We found some $2.00 IKEA picture frames and the whole thing cost us less than $18.00. We then ordered some wall words and applied them next to the tree...John 15:5.

As we've been moving things around our home, this is one of the frames that has been sitting in the garage lately, but a verse I love.

These two sit in our sitting room and are Psalm 33:12-14 saying "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..." and the other verse is I Thessalonians 4:11,12 talking about leading a quiet life and being a hard worker as on-lookers watch as you lead your Christian life by example.
This is a verse that we keep on our computer.

Here are two precious verses we had up in our schoolroom (alas, the schoolroom is no more and it's been wonderful...pictures to come) that had to come down and we're waiting to find a good spot in the family room/school room for them. They're Proverbs 1:1-7 (...the beginning of knowledge is fear of the Lord) and Deuteronomy 6:5-9 which God wants us to constantly be talking to our children about Him throughout the day, which is one of the few reasons we homeschool.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on placing verses around your home. Like I said, I used Dollar Store picture frames with simple verses and photos I found online. I've got a few verses that I want to place in our boys' room and girls' room, but haven't gotten around to them yet. Each of our children also have Bible verses which I also need to work on making and displaying. I love the comfort of being surrounded by Scripture throughout our home. I see them everyday and it's a great way to memorize God's Word and hide them in our hearts. I hope this has been a blessing to you and has given you some ideas for Scripture in your own home. I know I've been blessed by seeing some in others' homes as well.


Joy Comes in the Morning said...

I love all of your great ideas. What a wonderful environment for your kids to grow up in.

Rachel E. said...

Speechless...it's beautiful.