Monday, November 28, 2011

All of my sweet, precious blog readers, I've been BUSY! Busy planning school lessons. Busy rearranging our home (I do promise, pictures to come). Busy getting down Thanksgiving decorations and replacing them with Jesus' birthday decorations. Busy in the garden. Busy with a (maybe) pregnant bunny. Busy making a Word Wall out of a large piece of cardboard. Busy creating our family's homeschool Scope and Sequence methodology. Busy cooking. Busy cleaning. Busy nursing a sweet baby boy. Busy potty training a two-year-old. Just Busy. Blogging has taken the backseat this past week with family in town, gatherings and ministering to friends. I've got a schlew of fun things I want to share, but I'll keep you on the edge of your seats until then. :) I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Rachel E. said...

Yes, you are busy. But, you are busy with things that are important. All of those things are more precious in life than posting on a blog.