Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Hailey,
Thanks for your sweet comment. As far as milk goes, I haven't found anything wrong with almond milk, but know that it is nutritionally different than cow's milk. Almond milk doesn't have the enzymes that a cow or goat's milk has. There are actual antibodies in the cow's milk as well, just as there are antibodies in breast milk. It's funny, if you think about it, you wouldn't take expressed breast milk and heat it to extreme temperatures right? All the good stuff is in the RAWNESS of it. So why in the world would you do that to any other milk?
Answer: So that supermarkets can place milk on the shelves for longer periods of time and make a profit because no one farms and "does" their own dairy anymore. We depend too much on the grocery stores for our food and grocery stores are slowly dwindling down to only a few running the whole show. When I was little, there were so many different kinds of grocery stores here in the state of Florida. However, now there are only a few that are buying the others out in a Monopoly-like attempt. Publix is the front-runner down here and who can beat Walmart's prices, right?!
If you'd like to try and locate some good milk for your family, try this website:

Just click on your state and it will list all of the available raw milk providers in your area. Please note that there are many other milk providers that just aren't listed. I found our dairy farmer by attending a bee-keeping field trip with our homeschool group and found out that the bee keeper also sold his Jersey's raw milk. Our families have been friends for over 3 years now and we also purchase honey from him as well as load up our truck with manure for our garden from his horse stalls. He loves the Lord and has never had a problem with pathogens invading his milk. He's a dairy farmer and knows what he's doing. Get to know your local farmers. It's an awesome experience! Once you get to know your local farmers, SHARE the wealth girlfriend. :) Share with friends and family so we can stop paying the grocery stores. They want us to be 100% dependant on THEM and not ourselves. Let's prove them wrong!

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