Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Enjoyed dinner at Mom and Dad's last night...
lasagne, salad, bread and mom's homemade cookies.

Grateful my husband took me shopping for nursing shirts so I can be "decent" in public. Motherhood Maternity had some great bargains.

Garden is planted. I say "planted", but there's still transplanting that takes place a few weeks after everything sprouts up...moving things around so plants have enough space, potting things up,tweaking our new {so excited about this!!} sprinkler timer that comes on at the same time every morning.

Painted some signs for a vegetable garden seedling sale we want to have in a few weeks.

Getting tired of giving my hens pep talks to begin laying their eggs...any day now as they're reached the 20 week mark.

Our two roosters are now crowing away and it's so fun hearing them cock-a-doodle-doing as we're eating breakfast in the morning.

Isaac is growing, scooting, smiling and cooing and it's oh, so fun to watch him grow.

Had an interesting talk with Dad and the Holy Spirit last night. It's so neat to see how the Holy Spirit is working in others' lives.

I'm really enjoying reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. I don't usually buy parenting books, but this one is a must read if you're currently disciplining children OR if you have a new baby and you're new to the world of parenting.

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with prayer. Do you ever feel that way? There are so many things on my heart that I want to lift up to the Lord, when I know He already knows my heart. He knows the outcome of every situation, every trial, every time of blessing and it's such a relief knowing that I don't have to list every one to Him. What a mighty God we serve!

Looking forward to the months cooling off a bit. The days here in Florida have been breezy and this morning, I looked at the thermometer in the garden and it said 78 degrees! So exciting.

Still need to finish sewing my cloth diapers...replacing the velcro. Thankful that Cotton Babies sent me 40 FREE velcro tabs.

So thankful for an amazing husband who works with me as a team as we train and teach the children God gave us. Sometimes it's hard. Some days require more patience than others. Sometimes are full of bliss and complete blessing.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Rachel E. said...

Allow the Spirit to take that prayer to the Father. I know what you are talking about. Sometimes I feel like there is so much to pray about and I feel at a loss for words. Then I get that feeling, almost like and inner groaning, or a peaceful's hard to explain. But, I feel as though my soul is being laid bare and He knows it all. ((Is that strange?))