Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

Being the mom of four is so much fun. I thank God for my "little guys" everyday.

A certain black, lop-earred bunny got loose in our newly planted garden the other day and ate all my Rattlesnake pole beans. {insert groans here} Replanted with a new type of pole bean. Excited to try pintos this year.

Happy Birthday to my sweet first-born daughter who is a whopping SIX years old today! We had a pool party this weekend past and I was so honored by her thankfulness for the gifts she received, for the "thank yous" on the way home for throwing her a party, for the friends/family that could make it, etc. What a grateful little girl we have.

Still have cloth diapers to sew.

A family-friend is coming over tonight to help me learn how to quilt. It's been on my bucket-list for years and I actually called her a few weeks ago to shop for the fabric and get together to make it. I found the most darling picture of a quilt in a magazine and am going to try and replicate it. We'll see how it turns out.

Did I mention that we have 8 new little darlings at our house again? Yepper. Eight meat chickens that we're going to try. We ordered Freedom Rangers again and split them with the same friends. We'll be processing them in about 10 weeks approximately.

Chickens finally started laying eggs! Hooray. :) We're getting about 4 a day at the moment. Should start picking up quickly too.

It's amazing when a "Stay-at-home-mom" stays at home, oh the things you can get done!

Really enjoying the rain here in Florida during this time of year. We don't have to water the garden nearly as much.

Isaac has begun laughing and it just makes me smile watching him grow and learn.

Love our Bible Time in the morning together (the kids and I). We've been putting hand motions and songs to our Bible verses and repeating them each time we sit down for meal. Daddy gets to participate at the end of the day with us. I've made close to 40 Biblical character cards so far and we'll see how many verses our kids can learn this year. They love learning verses at AWANA, but they're not always applicable to what we're learning as a family and I've found that many times, my kids learn verses for the week and then quickly forget them. When we learn them as a family, they get more repitition and truly memorize them, applying them to our day to day tasks and discipline. I've seen amazing things happen in the past few weeks with our verse memorization. The kids really enjoy this time.

Re-did my Home Management Binder and I need to share.

Wish sometimes that there were more hours in a day, but know that God gave us just enough time in a day that He knows we'll need. What an awesome heavenly Father we serve. He really does know what's best for us.

Gonna go pick up and cuddle my baby who's now awake. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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