Saturday, August 6, 2011

Swimming With the Manatees

Our family recently took a trip to a local Florida spring. It was amazing and we can't wait to go back! Our family has always preferred a "great outdoors outing" compared to a weekend visit to the mall and this outing was definately some great outdoors!

Rob was a trooper and did all the paddling. I walmost 9 months pregnant at the time, so the kids and I were a little spoiled by sitting back and enjoying the scenery.
We got to a point in the river where the kids (minus Norah) could stand. We docked our canoe and jumped out. The water was chilly, but crystal clear and very relaxing.
Norah took her sweet time as she wasn't quite sure of the water.

Rob found an old tree ladder that someone had made. You climb up it along the tree and jump from the top...and that's exactly what he did! (Sorry you can't see these pictures really well. We used an underwater camera for this trip.)
Me, in all my glory. ;)
MANATEES!!! They were so sweet and let you pet them and swim with them. The kids got the biggest kick out of this.

Anyway, that was our manatee/spring adventure. Hope you enjoyed!

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