Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seed Packet Organization...Part II
So, I sat down and layed out all the seeds according to category...peas in one pile, melon in another and so on. You'll want a good, flat surface so you can see everything.

Then the groups of seeds that were thin and not bulky were placed into sandwich-sized Ziplock bags.

The more bulky packets (peas, beans, corn, etc.) were placed into larger bags.

I found a bin in our schoolroom that wasn't getting used at the moment as well as some dividers with tabs. I wrote the names of each seed category on the tabs and divided it up that way. I didn't make a seperate category for 'watermelon'. I put ALL melons in under one tab...cantalopes, watermelong, etc.

Herbs were all placed behind one tab in a large ziplock.

I also keep a copy of my seed packet inventory in the front of the box as well as a copy of my planting calendar.

How do you organize your seeds?

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