Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida Strawberry Festival, 2011

singin' some tunes on the way there

Norah Claire corn dogs!
junk food

Rob conviently snapped this shot. What's a pregnant woman to do?
more corn dogs
Lincoln (3 1/2), Norah (20 mos.), Avonlea (5)
"Daddy, we MUST get cotton candy!"
"Not the small bag, the BIG one!"

Gotta love this crew. {heart}

I did NOT, I repeat, did NOT go on this ride. Not because of little Isaac inside, but because I dispise heights.

We watched the livestock show and our kids fell in LOVE with the cows. They asked for DAYS afterwards if we could get one. So sweet.
Norah watching the baby cows.
cowboy Lincoln

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Matthew and Valerie said...

Cute little farmers! I wouldn't have been able to pass up the cotton candy, either!