Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amy's Soups and Grocery Store Wars
The other day, I was asked by a sweet friend if I had any cravings. My cravings vary from month to month, but lately it's been Amy's Organic Black Bean and Vegetable soup complete with blue corn chips. Ahh. I just ate it for lunch actually and love the fact that I don't feel guilty after eating it. One thing I LOVE about Amy's soups is the fact that I can pronounce all of the ingredients,

{ingredients for the black bean vegetable soup:
"organic black beans, filtered water, organic onions, organic carrots, organic corn (non-GMO too which is unheard of!!!), organic potatoes, organic celery, organic leeks, spices, organic cilantro, sea salt, organic garlic, organic high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic black pepper". Isn't that great?!}

their soups don't contain any trans fat, MSG, preservatives, pesticides, GMO ingredients (which is huge!) and they're gluten free
! The soups have gone up in price in the past year due to the high demand, but every few weeks they go on sale at our health food store and I stock up. I'm sure they range in price from store to store, but at ours, they're about $3.00 a can when not on sale. I can get them for about $2.00 a can when they are though which is definitely a cheap, healthy lunch! Sometimes, I'll write down the ingredients on the back of the can and make my own Amy's soups. ;)

I do try to make my own soups from scratch. It's much cheaper and I always have extra to throw into the freezer which is nice. I do love making my own beef and chicken stocks too. Whenever I make a chicken roast in the oven, I save the leftover carcass, throw it in a pot with some water and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Ta-da! Homemade chicken stock to boil your rice with (much tastier) or to make more soups. When we get our grass fed beef, we'll throw a T-bone steak on the grill and save the bones to do the same thing and ta-da! Homemade beef stock. I just love experimenting with cooking/baking. It's so fun, healthy and helps cut down cost.

So, here is a clip I found today on Amy's website that
you'll laugh out loud to. Enjoy!

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