Monday, January 10, 2011

Thinkin' That I Need To...

make pumpkin bread
fix Lincon's kite that never got up in the air today
cut back our banana tree
do something with my "drab" hair...any suggestions?
do a post on our D.C. many pics that I'm overwhelmed, but can't wait to share!
thank my sister-in-law for the sweet CDs she sent for Christmas-thanks Kris!
change over laundry (6 loads today)
wipe down the stove, WELL
get our vacuum fixed!!!
order more chicks...gonna go with all Dominiques this time-20 chicks, also
5 Delawares for processing
clean some kitchen counter clutter
work on a science project with the kiddos
drive to Mr. Lambert's to get more milk
clean out the tree fort with the kiddos
paint my toenails...wore flip flops today and geesh! Bad.

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