Saturday, November 27, 2010

So much I want to blog about and share, but it's a busy Saturday at our house and hopefully I'll get some time to share what we've been up to once our children are down for their "quiet times/naps" later. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying the cooler weather. We're still in shorts and flip flops down here...sigh. :)
And...yes, Jack was processed last weekend and will be smoked for a company Thanksgiving party on Monday. We had a scary occurrence with Jack attacking Norah in the backyard last week and when Rob got home, I told him that Jack had to go. Norah was fine, but those who have had roosters know that once they reach maturity (6 or so months of age), they can become aggressive if y0u don't show them who's boss. So, Jack will be lunch for some hungry gentleman at Rob's work Monday afternoon. It was an emotional process. A first for us. Some friends of ours who have been farming for much longer than we have said our first problem was that we named Jack. If you're going to eat 'em, don't name 'em!!! Well, we weren't exactly planning on eating him from the beginning. Heck, we didn't know we would've had a rooster. I ordered all hens, but it's just how it worked out. Am I sad? A bit, but we know that God gives us all experiences for a reason. Lastly, I'm super proud of my husband. He did the whole thing himself. I couldn't do it. I observed and helped what I could, but all the credit goes to him. I was also proud of the fact that he was so concerned that this chicken not go to waste. He was very adament that this was a life that was taken and he didn't want it to be in vain. I think that should be true for all animals, unfortunately, it's not. Well, Jack lived a good life. He's never been pumped full of hormones, been fed anitibiotics and he's been grazing our backyard and eating wholesome grains since he was hatched. He'll be a healthy, good-tasting Monday lunch.
More to come later...

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