Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kamut (aka: Puffed Wheat)
One of my kids' favorite snacks (mine too!) is "puffed wheat", also known as Kamut. It's a grain which is taken and heated (like popcorn) to puff it up and pop. It's sold in health food stores for $1.99 a bag. It's a full bag too, unlike Doritos which sells you 1/2 a bag and then puffs up the rest with air and charges you over $3.00.
What are the ingridients in this snack you ask?
"Organic puffed whole grain kamut" straight off the label of the bag.
It's healthy. It's not artificial. It's fat and cholesterol free. No sugar. No salt. Organic (free of bug sprays). It's vegan and it's natural.

Here's kamut in it's original grain state. I actually have a ton of these seeds for our spring garden and can't wait to plant them!

wholesome goodness :)

Turn your pan on medium heat. Throw a bit of butter and salt in if you wish. Norah eats it straight out of the bag, but Avonlea and Lincoln like a little 'flava'. Heat it and stir for about 8 minutes and when it's browned, you're done. Wha-la! Instant snack. Store it in sealed glass containers and throw it in your car when a snack is needed on a trip out and about.

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Tessa said...

is this kind of the same as puffed wheat? or puffed rice?