Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Is Well
We've slowly been getting into the Christmas spirit around here, teaching the kids some Christmas songs and talking about the Nativity. We played and practiced some songs after lunch today and I stumbled upon (I think it's safe to say) the Bates family's favorite Christmas song. It's called "All is Well" and it takes you back to the moment Christ entered this world as a newborn baby. A king, born amongst dirty animals, no air conditioned birthing units, no midwives or doctors. What a magnificent moment that must have been and there's no other song I can think of that describes it so well other than this song. (Although "Silent Night" rings in at a close second!) Both Avonlea and Lincoln know how to sing this song and it's so precious listening to a child sing it. So pure. So innocent. :) Anyway, enjoy this today.

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