Monday, October 4, 2010

Resewing Cloth Diapers

So, for those of you who cloth diaper with velcro strips, we know you love them, but let's face it, they're going to need to be refurbished. The velcro (for us) has lasted about a year, but it's time to re-velcro them. I took some pictures to show how incredibly easy it is, but for someone who's never sewed before, I'm sure it might look a little enticing. Bear with me and give it a try.

STEP 1: (above) Use a seam ripper and rip out your old velcro.

STEP 2: Use your Jo-Ann Fabric coupon (40% off!) and go purchase one long strip of velcro. I found that I could fit 4 diapers' worth of velcro in 1 yard. So for every yard of fabric you buy, you can fix 4 cloth diapers. To narrow it all down, it costed me $1.00 to repair each diaper. Can't beat that! Don't go out and buy new cloth diapers. Get out those sewing machines! :)

STEP 3: Measure out and cut your velcro strips to fit your cloth diapers.

STEP 4: Pin them down.

STEP 5: Fill your sewing machine with white thread and sew each of the four sides (2 long and 2 very short).

STEP 6: Ta Da! Step back and admire your new diapers!

A few things...
1. Know that this method of sewing will put a barrier line about 1 1/2 inches down from the top of your diaper on the inside. This will limit how far up you are able to put your diaper inserts in. We have had no problems though. They work just as well and you don't see the seam. You would have to dismember the entire diaper to get the seam not to show and that's simply time I didn't have.
2. We use Bum Genium cloth diapers and these pictures were taken of those exact diapers. If you use another brand, get creative. You can do it.
3. I did not find it necessary to replace the tab velcro strips at this time(the smaller strips which velcro to the one long strip that I replaced). They were still in great working order, but the great thing is that when you do purchase velcro from the fabric store, they only sell BOTH sides of the velcro, so you've already paid for the tab strip sides when you're in need of cutting them out and replacing them.
4. Each diaper took approximately 8 minutes to refurbish. I ripped out all the seams while watching (or rather, listening to) tv one night and then I was able to stay up a little late to measure out the velcro, pin them and sew the diapers.
5. If you live near our family and want me to refurbish your diapers, I'd be happy to!
You can contact me through the comment section. If you live far away and are willing to ship yours to me, again, I'd be happy to do it. I charge $5.00 a diaper and I supply the velcro and do all the labor. This includes both the long front strip as well as the tabs. You supply the shipping charges for "to and from". Still beats paying for brand new diapers! :)

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Jana said...

Have a question, I am intrigued about cloth diapering, would LOVE to not have the expense of diapers for two little ones and pull ups for my son at night. (Think I am Pretty much stuck in the pull-ups department ) But if I can save money on the diapers that would be great! I am wondering, how many diapers, in your experience, what I need to order for two children? Also, what about liners?
Thanks, and I am enjoying reading your blog!