Thursday, September 9, 2010

Patience, Pruning and Prayer

It's late...11:50 p.m. to be exact. Just bein' real. Pondering tonight on lots of things. Feeling very 'pruned' lately. Lots of big decisions to make and wondering why the Lord hasn't answered prayer. My prayers that have been brought before Him haven't been lists that I need taken care of, nor "this is how I need things to happen, God" prayers. Just "your will be done" prayers, but still no answer.

Ever wish God sent e-mails?

I know. I know. Everything in HIS timing. Sometimes it's hard to wait though.
Feeling lonely and needing to attach to new friends and homeschool families. Lincoln and Avonlea have lost little buddies to daycare centers and VPK classes this year. Praying that the Lord would provide neat opprotunities through homeschool co-ops, but not feeling lead. Doors have been closed and I'm left starting from the beginning again. Still, things are going well in their education at home. They are THRIVING and LEARNING like I've never seen before. Praise God! My son (my busy boy) is writing letters left and right. He knows his alphabet (learned in 3 weeks) and knows 1/2 of the phonetic sounds. Never imagined that could happen. Thank you Lord.

Renters from another property we own and have been unable to sell for the past 3 years are moving out in a matter of weeks. It's in terrible condition now (this house used to be so filled with character and charm...memories flood it) and will take so much time and money to fix. Time and money that we don't have. Praying that we make good decisions. Godly decisions.

A few other things floating around in my head that I wish God would answer.

I know that if God did in fact respond quickly to prayers, it would rob us of the learning process He wants us to have. So, I will remain patient and wait on Him.

I know I've sort of poured out my heart tonight, but I have to admit that it feels so good to share with others, knowing that some of you may just write these things down or make a mental note. Some of you might even pray for these requests, which leads me to my next question...

What are some of YOUR prayers? Can I pray for you?

I know that there are a bunch of you out there that read this blog and I have no idea who you are. Some of you I may know, but have no idea you read this. Some of you are parents struggling with parenting and/or discipline. Some of you are struggling in your marriage. Some of you are wondering if you'll ever get out of debt, or if you or your spouse will ever get a job as you struggle to provide for your family. Some of you may be young and are struggling with teenage temptations. Some of you are being PRUNED and aren't sure where to turn.

I'd like to tell you that Jesus is the answer. He's the one and only true answer and once you come to know Him and accept Him as Lord of your life, He will take hold of your life and lead you in a way that you never thought you could be lead before. Trust Him. He created the universe and all that's inside and outside of it. He formed you and knew you since before you were born. He LOVES you and wants what is best for you just as a parent wants what is best for his/her child.
You have to take that initial step in praying to accept Him though.

I want to pray for you. Do me a favor. If you'd like to have me pray for you, leave a prayer request in the comment section. Please leave "Do not publish" or "You may publish" at the bottom of your request. This way, I will know that your request may be open for others to pray for you. Or, you may not feel comfortable in having others read your request, so I will not publish it, but will add it to my prayer list and will remember you as I pray. Do not feel as though you need to be detailed in your request. God knows all details. You're welcome to leave the ever-so-popular "unspoken request" if you wish.

I love that song "What If His People Prayed" by Casting Crowns and have posted it once before for a Musical Monday post (I have chosen not to do Musical Mondays for awhile because all of the great songs I want to post aren't available to copy and paste the embed code). It's a great song and is so true. If people prayed more for each other, we would be allowing the Holy Spirit and our Heavenly Father to move in ways we never dreamed. But, we choose to pray or not to pray, therefore, we miss out on some pretty awesome blessings and some amazing knowledge.

Let's remember to always lift one another up in prayer! Let's also remember to lift up our leaders and our country in prayer. Although we know the outcome for this earth, I believe God is still present in America today. He hasn't given up on us. Keep praying!

Time to go to bed (yawn).
Good night and God Bless you all.

(For those that wanted to see the Mat Man video I attempted to post the other day, HERE is the video I wanted to share. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for just the video.)


Taryn said...

Have you read thelegacyofhome's post- Danger in the kitchen(pyrex dishes)? Missing Candy's blog- journeyingforhim, oldtimeywifey etc. have posts about it. Chosenthatgoodpart was asking and someone at organizedhomemakingforchrist was also. Do you read ladyofvirtue's blog?

Jess said...

I love this post. We all need to pray for everyone in our lives even if we don't really know them. I always need an extra person praying. I have a lot of things on my heart. One is our church, it was destroyed in the flood this fall and we really don't know what to do about a church. Right now we are having services in the Fellowship Hall. It is possible that the church may be repaired because the waters only ruined the floors. However it seems that everytime we try to have a meeting about it something happens. The devil is really trying to bring the church down thru this and we need lots of prays to help us as a church stand strong. Also we are starting school and I need prays that the Lord will help me teach my little ones and help them grow into the men and women he wants them to be. My hubby is not saved, please pray that the Lord will deal with his heart and that my hubby will come to know the Lord as his own.

Thank you for be so willing to pray for others. Before I typed this I said a pray for you and all you need the Lord to help you with. May the Lord be with you in your journey and may his will be done in you life.

You may publish.

true blessings said...

hi are so sweet~ i love coming to your blog.and yes i so know what you mean about waiting..and waiting..patiently! so i will share a petition .for the Lord to give my son a spot in pre k with ms.jemio ,it is a long story but i am beating myself up about it,not knowing if i did the right may publish.thank you my precious sister in Christ~

Tessa said...

Just read this and definatly will say prayers for you and your family. I'm waiting on Him as well in regard to my current housing situation (which isn't steller) as well as waiting for plans to take over the farm. It's hard to be told that you have a "future on the farm" but not know the specifics when you're trying to plan for your family's future. I have good days and more impatient days. So I just keep praying for strength to wait.

Also, thanks for the advice and encouragement for my son. He's 2.5 and now fully potty trained lol I've just found a really great book series (Winnie the Pooh's Thinking Spot serie) that gives us science things to do together and we're working with letter magnets from leap frog. He's not big on the coloring or writing stuff but loves reading and hands on so we'll expand on that over the next year :) Also looking a bit into homesteading and how we can do some of those things with our family. We're going to start making our own cheese once we find a recipe. Very exciting!

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