Friday, September 10, 2010

Growing Food For the Hungry
Thought you all might enjoy this video from What a wonderful concept to have a garden where you can train others to help educate those in poor countries how to grow their own food. How very blessed we are! If you visit You Tube, there are MANY other videos that are for your viewing pleasure. Just type in "Growing Your Greens" and you'll get a whole schlew of them. The garden is really impressive and believe it or not, this particular one is located in Florida! Oh yeah! Gonna visit this one. (smile)

*Just as a side note, I appreciate the comments from yesterday's post. I have posted the ones who wished to be posted and will keep the other comments written down in my prayer journal. Thank you for the sweet encouragement. God is working in certain situations and I definately felt a sense of blessing from today, so thank you my friends! :)

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