Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy, Busy...
Just ramblin' today as there is much to do, but of coarse I had to check in with my blogging buds. ;)
Great day at the park today...picnic lunch, fed ducks and turtles, played on the playground, played hide-and-go-seek, talked about what true JOY is, shared popsicles with some other children at the park, both children used our portable potty in the car (never leave home without it!), drove home in a very peaceful car. Avonlea has pretty much taught herself how to read and rarely needs me anymore (bittersweet), why my son has so much energy, how did my back gate open yesterday allowing my dog and 4 chickens to roam the neighborhood for who knows how long, when we'll get our first "cold front", why my dryer continues to squeak at such a loud level, how my husband can be so sweet and understanding when I royally mess things up.
To dos today...get dinner prepped, laundry finished, a few phone calls made, Avonlea's birthday photos uploaded and sent out, blog about Avonlea's amazing 5th birthday (my baby is growing up into such a wonderful, young lady!), get schoolroom back into working order as it is a MESS, a bunch of seeds REPLANTED due to the fact that my glorious chickens destroyed a large part of our garden last week (I was livid, let me just say), decide what we're going to do with "Jack" our rooster. (I'll post some pictures of Jack eventually. He's quite the handsome fella.)
So thankful amazing Savior who is so merciful and loving, my husband whom I adore to pieces, my children who have given me some 'moments' today, but oh the lessons we have learned together and how grateful I am to the Lord for His Word and allowing me to teach my children from it, my church family, honest and transparent friends, the beautiful sunset last night that made me feel as though God was reaching down saying, "I am with you always".

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