Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome to Our School
It's been a labor of love the past few days, but we finished up our school room on Monday and the kiddos had their first official day of homeschool today. Would you like a tour?;)

The front door

Our maps at the front of the room (Avonlea and I were doing some geography)

Handwriting practice

Avonlea's 1st Day photo (Kindergarten)

Lincoln's first day photo (preschool-3yr. old)

"Cheese Mom! We love our desks." ~Avy and Linc

I'm still waiting for Norah's to come in the mail. Yes, I went ahead and ordered her one since she loves sitting like a 'big girl' in her brother and sister's. Each child has a specific color to keep all things organized:

Avonlea = pink
(I couldn't find a pink desk, so red had to suffice)
Lincoln = blue
Norah = purple

Our front wall. We have maps here now, but there's a blackboard on the way in the mail which will replace the maps. Our maps will need another home.

On the SHOERACK...preschool games, puzzles and learning manipulatives
In the BLUE BINS...1. Bible curriculum in file folders 2. file folders with weekly thematic info. (insects, fire safety, holiday stuff, etc.)
In the RED BIN...extra Bible curriculum
Big books are behind the easel
Spanish curriculum is under the easel
Our EASEL contains our calendar, our morning board (white board in front), pledges to American flag, Christian flag and Bible written out, a paper with our address and phone number for the kids to memorize, charts for: counting, months of the year, and our A Beka phonics charts.

Our theme this year is showing the Fruits of the Spirit
(love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control)
If this shelf looks familiar, it is. It used to be in our dining room, but it has a new home and is so useful. It also displays our books for the week (right now, we're reading books about the different ways children around the world are educated), our white board markers, flags and the green bin is our math 'center' where I keep our abicus, rulers, counting manipulatives, math books/stories and a few games.

The back wall...centers.

My favorite part of the room...the bookshelf (from IKEA-see HERE and HERE).
Let me just say that the ladder is the biggest hit! The kids can't wait to wake up, go to the school room and climb the ladder. It's useful because once I finalize our classroom library (I haven't added all the books yet), the kids will be able to independantly get them themselves.
The bookshelf contains:
non-fiction books sorted by category (science, Bible, Spanish, History, Geography, etc.),
workboxes, my teaching books (top), art supplies, lined writing paper, and some curriculum.
The kids' desk I got from HERE. Lincoln's desk legs didn't come in the mail though, so I have to call the company and let them know. Still waiting on Norah's desk/chair. Very pleased with their quality and how FAST they shipped (6 days!!!).

We're praying about enclosing our back porch to make it our permanent school room, but our spare room will act as our school room for now.

{Detailed curriculum post to come later this week}


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

oh what fun to peek into your hs room... it looks wonderful!

and I love your little ones names {grin}


Kelli said...

Wow Kelli!!! This room is just ready for learning. I love everything about it and I copied down the saying about obeying right away... Those desks are great and I'm sure will be used well! I also love your theme for this year. I started watching Beth Moore's study on the fruits of the spirit and she has a great sign language segment..really good. Enjoy.

Jess said...

I don't believe I have ever commented on your blog before, but I really enjoy reading your blog and your many adventures.

I just wanted to say WOW! on your school room. I homeschool my three children and right now we have to split up areas in our home for schooling. One day I hope to have just one room for schooling. Your room is awesome, so pretty and ready for learning.

Matthew and Valerie said...

Love the school room! How nice that the kids have their special place to go to learn. I'm sure that is helpful for you as well because it is a defined place and time.

I did the fruits of the Spirit one year at school. I had them on a bulletin board and titled it "Be Fruity".