Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not too much time to blog today, but in the last few weeks, we've been...
eating junk food
sleeping in!
not attempting any kind of formal learning
building sand castles
keeping our chickens cooped up
not gardening (waiting til next month!)
planning for homeschool to start next week
reading, reading, reading
sweeping floors ump-teen times a day
making LARGE meals
visitng with more family
watching too much tv
going out to eat (a lot)
sharing clothes with cousins
sharing shoes
sharing chore duties
discussing child-discipline
killing ants that have decided to ransack our kitchen and find every last crumb dropped
re-learning and applying Bloom's Taxonomy (going to apply this with school this year)
trying LOTS of new recipes (homemade, of coarse)
killing caterpillars on our pumpkin plants (chickens LOVE eating them!)
building Lego creations
eating trail mix
school supplies shopping (back packs...check, lunch boxes...check, rulers, glue, markers...check)
trying to figure out how we can enclose our back porch and make it into a school room
More to come...

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true blessings said...

Hi Kelli! I know you are one busy woman,so when you have a chance,can you please link me your post where you talk about teacing kids about money,I think you have a picture of a pocket chart.I have already looked through several of your posts but no find..thank you~