Monday, August 16, 2010

Bates/Dryden Summer, 2010
Here are just a FEW things we've been up to this summer...
(more tomorrow)
Visiting Grandma Charlotte

Singing: "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There's nothing my God can not do!"

Abigail and Levi playing for Grandma

Avonlea, Lincoln and Aleah wrestling on the spare bed in Grandma's room

Aleah, playing for Grandma

Avonlea, playing for Grandma

'The Fam' (minus Robbie who had to work)

Playground and Splashpad


Beach Sunsets
Abigail writing in the sand

We tried to keep all 7 children DRY, but that didn't happen. Should've brought the suits!!!

Dean, trying his luck at skimboarding

Lincoln, Avonlea and Sam jumping waves

The Brittish

The Americans

(The Aquarium, four wheelers at Don's...videos included, you won't want to miss this one...and more to come tomorrow)
Tomorrow is our first day of school in our house.
Our schoolroom is completed,
workboxes and chore charts ready to go,
special breakfast with Daddy planned,
desks came in the mail today ~hooray!~,
special lunchbox lunch planned
and much more tomorrow as well. :)
Whew! I feel like a 'busy Martha', but I know things will slow down soon.
God is soooooooooo good.
No, I haven't forgotton to post about curriculum. A BIG, GIGANTIC homeschool post is in the works for sometime this week so stay tuned dear friends...

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