Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Lincoln! #3

This would be my last-minute Lightning McQueen cake that I pulled off. Not bad. I've experimented with fondant before and was somewhat successful with Avonlea's Rocket cake when she had her Little Einsteins party, but Mama didn't have time for fondant this night. We shall see about his party cake.

"Happy Birthday To You"

" What'd-cha get Linc?" ~Avy

Yes, this is my boy in his underwear. Lightning McQueen underwear to be exact!

Lincoln had a wonderful third birthday this past Friday. After Daddy got home from work, we all ate dinner, had some Lightning McQueen cake and opened presents. He was super excited that he received a "florkyift" (aka: forklift). :) He wanted a forklift birthday party, but needless-to-say, I couldn't find forklift plates or decorations, so Lightning McQueen it was (and will be for his actual party, complete with a few other family members and friends).

My sweet boy has had one, amazing year. He's such a sweet guy and loves protecting his sisters! Anyone comes near them and he hones in to watch. :) He's pretty much potty-trained with an exception at naps and night time. We've been brave taking him out and about with underwear. It's funny how each child is so different in this particular area.

Anyway, he's in love with tools, trucks or figuring out how to make things "tick". Rob and I think he'll be some sort of architect, engineer or something definately hands-on.

As far as school goes, this will be his first year (starting in the fall) where he'll have formal school time with big sister. He's in the process of recognizing the alphabet and numbers, counting to 20, writing "L"s for Lincoln, recognizing shapes and as he counts, we work on pointing to what he's counting. He already knows his colors though, so we have that one out of the way. He loves to help me in the kitchen, he adores his "chickies" (chickens) and his loyal dog. I have to say that even though he's not a small boy for his age, he still surprises me every once and awhile with a "hold me Mommy". :) I love it!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Lincoln! You are such a wonderful young man!
Love, Miss Jo