Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet, precious moms out there who are still contimplating
(this is for you and you alone)...

Trust the Holy Spirit. Ask him to give you a peace one way or the other. Use the knowledge you have and make a 'pro' and 'con' list. I did. Talk with your husband. Make sure you're both on board. Sometimes, it's the ma-ma who's on board first and daddys jump on the band wagon later, seeing the benefits and realizing that it is what God has planned for their family. Talk with your children! It's not ultimately their decision, remember this. They don't know what's best for them. You, your husband and the Lord do. It's a BIG decision.

I think sometimes as women, we get on others' blogs and 'see' what other families are doing, when it's only a glimpse. Hopefully, when we're getting that glimpse, others have portrayed a certain lifestyle as truth and haven't sugar-coated. Home educating isn't lollipops and roses everyday. There are days when I work so hard on a lesson and it flops. Days where my laundry keeps piling up (ask my husband!) and I pray for energy to fold it. Days when I even ask, "Is this what I should be doing?" and I lack faith that God will get me through what He has CALLED me to do. We're so human.
Do your research! Read books. Get online (be careful of your sources!). I highly recommend The Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. I recommend this book to any parent, teacher, etc. It's eye-opening and as another fellow blogger said, "Life changing". I agree.
I could go on, but I'll leave it at that. If there are any other readers out there with advice who have been 'down the road', your comments are welcome. (smile)
Have a blessed day!

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