Thursday, May 6, 2010

Odds and Ends...What We've Been Up To
Warning: Picture Overload!

We've been up to lots of odds and ends lately and here are just a FEW pictures of what's been going on around here. For some reason, this has just been a really busy time for us, filled with projects and transitions.

Our older 'ma-ma' hens showing the babies around. I forgot to mention that our 4 biggest hens are laying eggs now! Exciting stuff, I know. Try to contain yourselves. :)

pumpkins being moved into pots as we begin our garden revamp
Below: acorn squash coming in

It's not unusual to find a baby chick hitching a ride in a wagon, basket or in this case, a car.

We've had a bunch of beans coming in...makes for a tasty snack when playing in the backyard.

tomatoes coming if I could just keep those pesky caterpillars away. I bit the bullet and ordered some Diotemaceous Earth yesterday. My Neem Oil hasn't been working as well as I'd like.

Cauliflower going to seed for fall garden

wheat is drying out

boards for our garden revamp

our little monkey...this boy can climb ANYTHING ~yikes!

This is the temporary home for our chicks right now. Sometimes the kiddos take them out and let them run around the yard for exersize and to practice pecking and finding yummy bugs and clovers. If anyone needs some clover or weeds removed from their yard, please call and we'll bring over our 'lawn mowers'! :)

lots of learning
On the Homeschool Planning Front:
I'm in the process of making centers...geography/history, math, reading, Spanish and science. I've been going around the house and placing games/activities into bins for each subject. I've also collected some things from thrift stores as well as bought a few things and had some things graciously given to us.

Here are our workboxes for our Workbox System we'll be implementing soon. We're on hold with our new 'system' because I'm waiting to laminate everything. My store I get everything laminated from is out of laminating paper. Any day now, I'll be able to take it in, laminate it, cut it out and set it up. I can't wait!

I found this awesome pocket chart at IKEA for a few dollars that holds all of our calendar stuff in it. It was definately worth the few dollars.

Rob has been awesome to help get up some frames we've had in our closet for I don't know how long. We got them at Khol's on the day after Thanksgiving for like 70% off! It was a steal. We've also implemented a 'We Pray For' coarkboard where we place pictures of people (right now, we mostly just have missionaries posted) in which we're praying for.

Here's a table I got for $7.00 (and change) at IKEA that I'm setting up for our geography center.
My mom gave me this neat cookbook to fill out and now I'm in the process of transferring
all my recipes. It's definately a project, but it'll be worth it.

I love the inside.

My new cookbook (left) and the old ones (right).

Okay, so you all know I LOVE IKEA, but here's where they dropped the ball. Never buy a dresser from IKEA, especially for a child's room. They are NOT well-built. We haven't even had this one for a year yet. Now this (below) is what Lincoln's dresser is like...
Have a lovely Thursday everyone!

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true blessings said...

HiKelli! i AM SO EXCITED FO R YOU ,CHICKENS AND ALL!sorry for the caps....anyway my garden project is not coming along,however I refuse to give up.I am also considering homeschooling,however I am scared,I have the go-ahead from hubby ,just not sure if it is indeed the best idea and will of the Lord,I am so bad at the decision making,can you please give me some good advice.I think you are quite blessed to start homeschooling at such young age. We also are getting chickens ,what kind do you recommend?