Monday, April 19, 2010

A Visit With Grandma Charlotte

Great Grandma Charlotte

Avonlea made and wrapped a special present for Grandma. It was a picture and picture frame. Grandma loved it. :)

Here is Lincoln rockin' out on the piano as Grandma eats her lunch.

Norah didn't exactly stay put on her blanket (she's quite the crawler now...more like an army crawl though), but enjoyed scooting around the apartment.
We definately enjoyed our visit with Grandma. Grandma's mind isn't what it used to be and she usually asks us approximately 7 times during our visit who we are, but we know that Grandma loves Jesus and has served Him well in her life. We know that Grandma will be with Jesus when He calls her home and that is so comforting to know.


The Dryden Family said...

Awe, thanks for that, Kelli! That brought tears to my eyes. Grandma Charlotted is so very dear to my heart and it was wonderful to be able to 'see' her again. Thank you for visiting her - i'm sure it's not easy with all the kiddos.
Lots of love, Kris

Kelli said...

What a sweet visit!

The Colbert Crew said...

It is so hard when our loved ones are not the same as they age....but what joy it brings when you know they will be with the Lord....what wonderful memories and lessons you are giving your kids by visiting her.

Just love Lincoln on the piano!!!!