Friday, April 23, 2010

Sue Patrick's Workbox System

This is what I've been reading for the past two days and I'm in love (heart).

This book really got me thinking about my methodology of how I educate my kiddos. I've never really thought about having a mission statement before, but I have now. :) This neat lady has two children and her son has autism. She had to get creative in how she taught him. She claims to not be creative, but I don't agree! The Workbox System is a great way to set up your teaching tools for each day and have children work independantly, seeing their progress as they go through each box of materials and accomplish the assignments. This system is applicable for ages 18 months of age...wowsers!!! (which is when she started her children) to high school age. I've already visited Target for two shoe racks and my clear boxes. I can't wait to fill them and no, I'm not waiting until our new school year to implement this process. It's my goal to have everything set up within a week and we'll be jumping right in to finish out our year as such! One last thing I have to add is that she has a great resources page.

You can check out her website HERE.

Here are a few photos I found on Google that give you a basic idea. BUT, you have to get the book (aka: user's manual) to get the full effect.
(I will show photos of ours when they're complete.)

(Have a great weekend all!)

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prayzgod said...

I've been curious about the work box system, so I look forward to reading what you have to say about it as you try it out.