Monday, April 5, 2010

Patti the Garden Girl

I've found my new favorite website and You Tube videos. If you've always wanted to start gardening, but have very limited space, The Garden Girl has some great tips for starting a rooftop garden, to growing plants vertically, etc. She has A LOT of videos as well as her own website HERE, so be sure to check them all out! Happy gardening. ;)

This is my next project to help with our composting. My goal when I order our worms is to keep half in the compost bin and half in a regular "worm house" or vermaculture bin to keep an eye on their breeding and making sure they are doing so, so I don't have to sink in $$$ to buy them.

Here's another project I'm hoping Rob will "buy into" in terms of building. I think ours (if we decide it's worth building) will be smaller and will actually have wheels to move it up and down our new planters. Did I mention we'll be revamping our garden this summer? We'll be using the same wood, plus some additional, but rearranging it MAJORLY. Anyway, this is the video about building a chicken tractor. There are multiple videos on just the chicken tractor, so this is just the first one.

Need to get rid of those pests the organic/non-pesticide way?

Have any of you learned anything, taken anything away from these videos or been inspired to start gardening, composting, etc.? Even if it's just a few plants on your windowsill of your condo, give it a try! :)


Stepford Wifey said...

Oo those are all really neat! I'll have to check out the videos when I get more time.

true blessings said...

I already subscribed to her channel.Thank you Kelli~