Monday, November 10, 2008

They're Coming!!!

I'll admit, I never thought this fun, little experiment would actually work, but it has! I was cooking dinner tonight (making Rob an EGG sandwich and I was warming up my leftover CHICKEN parmesean, no pun intended!) and I heard this cheeping sound. I thought I was hearing things, when I looked over and saw this in our incubator. One little guy has fully hatched and we're waiting on the others. Avonlea was extatic, but when I told her she had to wait to "play" with her baby chick, she was devistated. I had to explain to her that our new friend has to stay warm in the incubator until he dries off and becomes fluffy. When most of them hatch (not sure if we'll even have any more that do though), we'll transfer them into a brooding box, watch them until they get too big and then say goodbye as we give them away to a local farm. Fun stuff!