Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garden Update

Here's a brief update on our vegetable garden. The kids are having a blast watching things grow. They help me water it every afternoon and love to go out and pluck things and eat them straight off the plant. Fun stuff!

Baby cucumbers are sprouting everywhere. I've done something different and decided to grow them "up" this year using trellises. So far, so good.

We've already had a full crop of green beans so far and I think we're a go for a second. Next year, I'll plant more. They're so good and what a difference from store bought! That goes for carrots too! I think there's the biggest difference in garden verses store bought carrots. It's not even funny!

Tomatoes are growing VERY well. As long as the squirrels stay away, we're good.

Romaine lettuce. I usually grow Bibb lettuce, but this year our rabbit got loose in the garden and ate all my lettuce. I had to go out to Home Depot and purchase already started lettuce.

Here's a great way to organically get rid of unwanted pests without having to use harmful chemicals on the food you'll be eating. Purchase some Neem Oil (I get it at our local health food's around $10.00, but you use very little of it at a time), put about 10 drops into a spray bottle that is filled with water. Add some organic dishwashing liquid (remember, this is going onto food you're going to eat), shake well and spray onto your vegetable plants to prevent bugs. It works great! (I got this from my friend so I want to give her credit...thanks Stef!)

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Kelli said...

Hey you! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I think you're swell too! If only we lived closer, I'd have you make ME some homemade pizza, yum! Are you far from Destin? We'll be there in May.