Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lincoln is 15 Months Old

I can't believe my baby boy is already 15 months old (as of the 11th). He's growing so much and here are a few things he's been up to...

* He loves to brush his teeth (thank goodness!) with his big sister. They do fight over the stool in the bathroom.
* We went to the pediatrician's this week for his 15-month checkup and he's off the charts for his height (no wonder people think he's two!) and he's in the 97th percentile for his weight. Big boy!
* He tans amazingly well.
* He can say the following words: ball, hi, night-night, bye-bye, ma-ma, da-da, addie (for Avy), vroom-vroom, please (he can sign this), cheese, no, yes, up, aw duh (all done)- he signs this word as well, he has a word that he says for outside, but I can't figure out how to write it. He mostly just babbles like he's having a conversation with you. It's cute.
* He LOVES being outside and getting dirty. He'd live outside if he could.
* He loves to play with blocks, trucks, play the piano with Daddy, pretend cooking, answer the phone, play with any kind of ball, bang on pots and pans, eating yogurt and riding the vacuum cleaner (see videos below).
* He's just now sitting still to read books. Avonlea would sit for 30 minutes on her own to read books. Lincoln is a different story, but at least he'll sit for a bit now.
* He's not a fan of loud noises. He also doesn't like it when Rob and I wrestle around if he thinks one of us is hurt. He's such a little protector. :)
* He loves animals.
* He's FAST! He's been walking since he was 12 months and really has to be watched if he's not in our front yard. He'll dart towards the street. Yikes!
* He's a cuddler and a wrestler. He loves being hugged, kissed and wrestled around with. Rob was ranked 7th in the state in high school for wrestling so who knows, we might have a future wrestler on our hands!

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