Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello Again!

Alright, so once again, not one picture to update. Sorry folks. Life has never been busier around here and I'm hoping that it will slow down just a little. Wait, scratch that. Looking at what's to come in my day planner, that doesn't look too likely.:) Anyway, God gets me through each day with amazing endurance and waits patiently for me to spend quiet time with Him. Isn't our God so good?!!!

In the past week, we've been:

Trying on and purchasing new shoes, weeding out our garden to get ready for our fall garden, seeing our butterfly house flourish and fall (we had about 40+ caterpillars in it, but I failed to make sure there was enough food...milkweed plants...and they pretty much all died-urgh! Another lesson learned.). We've been looking for "big girl beds" for Avonlea (most likely bunk beds), planning Avonlea's third birthday party, switching Lincoln from two naps to one (I knew the day was coming!), planning to begin our new Mom's group called Mom's LINC (Living in a Nurturing Community) at church, practicing with fondant (any suggestions? Please help!), catching up with old friends, preparing food for get-togethers, organizing weekly household chores, getting haircuts, homeschooling, organizing our garage (thank goodness for shelving and plastic bins!), making doctor appointments, making birtday cards and getting ready for fall (I love shopping for decorations...I get this from my mom...and it's so much fun decorating around the holidays).

I promise to update soon with more pictures. Sorry for the delay friends.
I also hope that each of you finds time to spend with Jesus today!!! :)

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