Sunday, August 3, 2008

Growing Up!

The kids were both dressed up for church this morning and I just had to take a picture of them against our new landscaping Rob and I put in yesterday. They're growing up soooo fast!!!

Here's my little man. I can't believe how huge he's getting. He's such a handsome, little fella. Takes after his daddy, although I think he looks more like me (Avy like her daddy). He'll be 14 months next week and it seems like yesterday he was a baby, swaddled in my arms. He's definately forming his own opinions, likes and dislikes lately. He has to do EVERYTHING big sister does and this gets on her nerves. She's learning to be patient and teach him instead of getting upset when he wants to join her at something he hasn't mastered yet (puzzles, playdough, computer games, etc.). Oh there are day when I think the whining and fighting will never stop, but just when I get to the point of all frustration, there is a moment that takes me by surprise. A moment like when they're both in a room, tickling each other and laughing, or snuggling on the couch, etc. I'm so glad our kids are close together. Even though there are tough days as they're little, I often look into the future and see how close they'll be as they grow older together.

Not her best smile, but these days, this is her "cheese smile". Whenever I have the camera out, she automatically says "cheese" and it's this fake, yet "trying" smile. :) This is one of my favorite dresses on her. Her bangs WERE going to be grown out, but during lunch today, after the millionth (word?) time of her brushing them aside so she could see, I finally cut them tonight so she can see. We might try another time to grow them out, but for now, it's bangs for this little girl!
It's weird to think that my baby girl is turning three next month. We're already in the works for a Little Einsteins birthday party. I've been trying to find a cake to copy online and all the ones I've found involve fondant, something I've never tried, but will soon. I'm going to attempt a practice cake in the next week or so to see if I can pull it off. Avonlea is very excited about her birthday party and it's actually quite exciting for me as a mother because the past two she's had, she wasn't really into it and didn't comprehend what a birthday party was all about. Well, this year is different and she's stoked about her special day coming up.

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Tonya Moon said...

Aubrey does the same fake least they are trying...just a little too hard. Love the pics and the landscaping
We still owe you a night!!!!