Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Pass the Captain' Crunch Please!"

The kids and I woke up extra early this morning, so we decided to let Kris, Dean and Grandma sleep in a little and we got breakfast going. Here are a few pictures of breakfast this morning. It was quiet and peaceful, if you can imagine 5 children eating quietly and peacefully! :) They're all such good kids.

"Gotta love Captin' Crunch!" (Abigail and Samuel)

"Mommy, Aleah and I want the same cereal. We want to match." (Avonlea)

"Auntie Kelli, I'd like some cereal too please!" (Aleah)

"Some Cheerios and sliced banana please Mom!" (Lincoln)


Tonya Moon said...

OMG, you have been way too busy and seem to love it! Your such a great mom! Is their a way to subscribe and get e-mail notifications of new posts?
Probably not the best month for Rob to cover for Todd..

Matthew and Valerie said...

I'm sure the adults loved the extra sleep time!!