Monday, May 5, 2008

Princess Avonlea

I saw this done in a magazine once where you dress your baby in an outfit and take their picture in it every year to watch their growth. Well, the example was with a bathing suit, but I chose something a little more sentimental. I really pondered over whether or not to use my wedding dress, but when I tried it on her, I couldn't resist. Not that she ever has to wear my dress on her wedding day, I just thought it looked too precious. She really had fun dressing up like a princess. Too bad she couldn't twirl around in it due to it's massive size on her. Rob saw these pictures and I think he whisked away a tear. Understandable. She does look pretty cute!

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A bit about us... said...

It almost made ME cry to see her in your wedding dress. Time flies by too fast! Good idea! I am so glad to hear you guys are doing well. Congrats on doing the MOPS, I would love to do something like that one of these days. What is it with Kids and tents, Em actually went up and pulled down all the blankets from our linen closet and built tents all over the place. Too funny! I miss you guys.