Monday, May 5, 2008

Playing Catch Up!!!

One of the many tents that are built in our house on a regular basis. Sometimes we get crazy and create tunnels as well! Fun stuff.

So, things have been CRAZY around here with graduation parties (congrats to my brother-in-law JJ who graduated this past Sunday with his doctorate degree!), birthday parties, church activities and the regular craziness that life brings about.'s either rain or shine here. We're always either super busy or lacking things to keep ourselves occupied. I feel like I have some major catching up to do here on Blogger so here goes nothing...
As far as what's going on with me... I recently took a volunteer position at our church leading our MOPS group. I never realized how much work it would really take, but I love the planning part of it and am looking forward to some of the speakers and activities for next year. I have been praying if I should take this position and the Lord has opened this door. It'll be interesting to see how this next year turns out. Hopefully with lots of growth and fun!

My sweet husband recently celebrated his 29th Birthday. Happy birthday babe! I love you!
The kids and I have stayed busy with trips to the library, MOPS meetings, music class, gymnastics (a local gym has an "open gym" time for toddlers and moms together for next to nothing cost-wise...quite fun), baking cookies, shopping for birthday gifts, building tents, gardening, catching butterflies for our butterfly enclosure, swimming and learning how to play hide and go seek. Avonlea is slowly grasping the concept of staying put when she's hiding, but still hasn't mastered NOT telling us where she's going to hide..."Mommy, you go count and I'll hide here under the blanket okay?"...too funny!

Here are some, okay, LOTS of pictures that I've failed to update lately. I think I've updated with around 4 entries. Yikes!

My Little Chef...

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