Monday, May 5, 2008

Meet Peter Rabbit!

Here's the newest addition to our family...Peter the Rabbit. My husband will argue with you about the name though. Here's the story...

We have an 80 pound Golden Retriever (Riley) whom we've had for 5 years now. LOVE her and she's such a great dog. The only problem is that she sheds and eats ANYTHING left on the ground (yes, baby toys...anything) not to mention she could take out anyone in a short distance's length between her and her tail. Lincoln is crawling and putting everything in his mouth right now, yep, including dog fur. So, needless to say, Riley has gotten used to being an outside dog for the time being, at least until Lincoln learns that dog fur isn't a side dish! Sooooo, I've been on the hunt for a pet that Avonlea can enjoy, learn responsibility from and that is her size. We recently visited a local preschool (LOVE it, but too expensive) who had a rabbit and she loved him. Well, I knew it was a sign that we get a rabbit because the following Sunday, a family from church brought in one of their baby rabbits from a litter their mama rabbit just had. They were giving them away for free so I just knew this was meant to be. The family dropped Peter off (yes, he's a boy) yesterday and Avonlea hasn't been able to part with him since. He goes everywhere with her and she's so gentle and loving towards him, it's rediculous. Too cute really. =)

So, Rob will argue with anyone about the name. When we asked Avonlea what she wanted to call the rabbit (I truly believe she didn't quite understand what we were asking her at the time), she said "fur". I think she was describing the rabbit, because anything else we name is called "Charlotte" (?). She has recently discovered that that is her middle name so she names every bug, butterfly or lizard we catch, Charlotte. So, Rob calls him "Fur" and continued calling him "Fur" all day that day. I thought it was a dumb name (really, "Fur"? Come on!) so I kindly suggested "Peter", a more fitting name, I thought. I guess you could say that this rabbit's name is officially Peter Fur Bates. He is pretty cute and definately earns brownie points in my book for putting up with our noisy household and Avonlea's constant picking him up and giving him rides in her dolly stroller. I'd say he's a keeper.

Welcome to the family Peter Fur Bates!

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