Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Stand Corrected!!!

Fur the Rabbit went for a wagon walk with us last night. We got a few stares, but Avonlea was tickled at the fact that her new pet was taking a walk with us.

Okay, so remember when I blogged recently about our new member of the family, Peter Rabbit? Well, I stand corrected on his name. Avonlea has assurred me once and for all that this rabbit's name is NOT Peter. It is Fur the Rabbit. Fur has had quite the impact on our family the past few days. First of all, (yes, folks..I am blogging about a rabbit!) Avonlea has not left Fur's side. Fur goes everywhere with us, including the park today (sad, I know). Fur loves to be strolled around in Avy's dolly stroller and he plays in our butterfly garden, enjoying the warm sunshine outside and being able to eat fresh grass. Fur is even spoiled enough to get fresh greens (lettuce and broccoli) from our garden (I'd better not find him hopping around in there or it'll be rabbit stew!). =) Anyway, Rob is quite happy that I've "seen the light" and let Avy call her pet what she wants. I still think it's a dumb name, but it's her pet and I have officially stepped down from pushing the issue. Just for the record, he's pretty cute!

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He is our Peace! said...

Congratulations on the new member of the family...Fur! Avy would have fit nicely in our family when we were growing up. Our dogs names...Ginger, Brownie, Blackie, Jet (He was jet black), and Tan! Yep...we're pretty creative, too!
Love ya,