Saturday, May 17, 2008

7 Random Things

I have been tagged by my friend Melissa so here are seven random things about myself...

1. I can't STAND the feeling of wood on my teeth. Like when someone eats a popsicle and they chew on the stick. Oh my goodness!!! It gives me goose bumps.

2. I am OBSESSED with lists. I am a MAJOR visual person and that's how I learn and get things done. I always tell Rob and other friends that if it isn't written down, it won't get done!!! I have lists for the following things: housework, to-do lists, grocery lists, lists for other stores (Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, Health Food Store, etc.), lists for what needs to be done inside the house (fixing things, etc.), a list for yardwork (mending the fence, clean the pool, gardening things), lists for certain meetings coming up and I have a regular family planner for the week. I also plan out my meals by the week (dinners only) and create my grocery list from this. We also have a family calendar (a white erase board) in our kitchen.

3. I still crack my knuckles. Horrible, I know.

4. I can't STAND it when people send a form of communication (texts, e-mails, letters, etc.) and things are spelled wrong or there's wrong punctuation, capitalization, spelling or grammatical errors. I am a former English teacher and although I know I do make mistakes, I always proofread EVERYTHING (for the most part).

5. I am a daydreamer. There will be times when I'm supposed to be paying attention to something and I'll be thinking to myself, "Oh, I need to add something to my to-do list", or "I need to pick such-and-such up from the store after this meeting". It gets me into trouble when I'm really supposed to be listening to something important!

The next two things (I couldn't think of two more, sorry) are about my husband. =)

6. He has a thing for even numbers. He can't go to bed at 10:32. He has to wait until 10:40. He also likes the volume on the tv turned to an even number.

7. He is always smelling his hand. He'll rest his hand on his mouth and sit there smelling it. Cracks me up!

I tag Emily, Joana, Lori, Kristine, Lisa and Valarie. Can't wait to read them girls!!!


Lori said...

ok, it will be my next post. UUGH! I am just not that interesting!

Kayleigh said...

Check the blog! I did it!!