Monday, March 24, 2008

Update, At Last!

Well, for those of you who have been wondering if I've fallen off the face of the earth...I haven't. I've lost my digital camera, which means no updated pictures. (sob) I've turned this house upsidedown and no luck. So, until my camera decides to show itself, I'll have to continue using my other non-digital camera and pictures might not be happening for awhile.

As for what we've been up to...

We had a wonderful Easter. This year, Easter came to me in a whole, different meaning. Rob and I participated in our church's musical production of One Voice accept that we did it in modern times. It was very interesting and after seeing it and practicing it over and over and over, I learned so many more things than I had before. My perspective of Easter was put into a modern-day setting and well, to explain everything would take me pages and pages of blogging so I won't, but don't we have such a wonderful Savior?!!! HE HAS RISEN INDEED!

We had a really enjoyable day celebrating Christ's resurrection. We went to church, came home for some much-needed naps and then enjoyed company for dinner. The Swensons came over for a dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, carrots and a yummy dessert. We had an Easer egg hunt outside in the backyard and then when it got dark, we had a bonfire and roasted marshmellows.

This was the first year I actually hid Easter baskets. Last year, Avonlea was a little young and didn't understand even what an Easter basket was. This year, it was really fun. It's a tradition that Rob's family used to do (hiding the baskets) and we had fun doing it this year. Rob even got to hunt for his basket. Avonlea received a little, plush duck, some jellybeans, playdough, flipflops, and a small, chocolate bunny. Lincoln received a lunch bag with Cookie Monster on it, a plush bunny rabbit and yes, empty eggs. The kid can't eat jellybeans yet. Rob's gift in his basket was quite practical. He received a beard-trimming set. Some of you know that he played John the Baptist in our musical yesterday. Well, he had to grow his beard out and he was looking quite scruffy. Somehow, his old beard-trimmer wound up breaking last week and I wasn't about to let him have to go without trimming it after the musical so needless to say, he was quite happy to see what awaited him in his basket. =) He wasted no time in shaving his beard and trimming his go-tee.

Lincoln is talking away this week. "Ma-Ma, Da-Da and Ba-Ba (bottle)" are his favorites. Avonlea is on 7 different types of medications for her asthma and a nasty virus that's going around. Lincoln has now also caught this virus. Poor kiddos. So we're back on breathing treatments and trying to get ourselves through tantrums of taking medicine (Avonlea gives us the hardest time about taking her medications so unfortunately, we have to force them down her. It's so hard to do and it's even harder when Rob's not here to help me.) Anyone with ideas on how to administer oral medications to your child, please let me know!!!! I'm desperate!!! We've tried tea parties with medicine in the tea cups, letting her give it to herself, taking it while distracted, disguising it in foods/drinks and yes, I've even resorted to bribery (jellybeans) which I thought I'd never do. Some of the medications are crucial for her to take or she could have serious breathing problems. She's on some steroids, poor thing, and they don't taste very good.

As for me, life is good and I'm enjoying watching my children grow and learn everyday. Rob and I are going to Mexico this summer (by ourselves!!!) and we're very much looking forward to getting away and just spending time together. Something we don't get to do very often. We're looking forward to ziplining through the jungle, riding horses, hiking up waterfalls and dining out alone without the need of packing a diperbag and babyfood. =) We've both been inspired to join the local YMCA (they have GREAT family programs with everything included in your membership). They offer every type of class you can think of, childcare up to 2 hours, full gym, a rock-climbing wall, a huge pool complete with a large slide, and tons of activities for families. Avonlea is going to try a ballet class as well (again, comes with our membership). They have karate, after school classes with tutoring and so much more. What a deal. We love going and it's almost like a date night for us. Free childcare and although we're working out, we get to spend time with each other.

I guess this blog is long enough so I'll come to a close. I have pictures getting developed so as soon as they're ready, I'll scan them in and post them.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter yesterday and didn't forget the REAL reason we celebrate this holiday. It isn't about the bunnies, the baskets or the candy. It isn't about eggs, lilies or the holiday meal. It's about the fact that Jesus Christ died on an old, wooden, rugged cross. He had a crown of thorns placed upon His head, a spear jabbed into his side and nails hammered into his feet and hands. He was brutally whipped and beaten, made fun of and mocked. He wasn't just any, old man that was crucified. There were many that were crucified for sinning and breaking the law. Jesus was and is different. He ROSE FROM THE DEAD after three days of being burried in a tomb. Our God is an AWESOME God and I wouldn't want to go on living in this life without Him!

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Ashley said...

Hello- I was just reading about your medicine problems. We have had the SAME things happen to our son. He needed antibiotics and he wouldn't take oral. We tried EVERYTHING! Putting it in chocolate syrup, yogurt, whipped cream. He could still tell it was there and wouldn't take it. Eventually we ended up with shots. So not fun either. My dad taught Benjamin how to swallow pills. Benjamin has been taking big bites since birth (it seems) so we knew he could do it! Now he has stopped taking the pills and we had to get 20 days worth of antibiotic down him!!! We had to have the Compounding Shop on Park Ave. to mix up Zithromax suppositories. That way has finally worked! I feel your pain- it is so hard to hold them down. Hope this helps!
Polly's sister in law