Monday, February 25, 2008

Lincoln is His Finest Moments...

Rob, Avy and I heard squeals coming from Lincoln's bedroom as naptime was approaching it's end and here's what we saw. It's pretty cool when you can actually catch a "first" with your camera. This is his first time standing up in his crib.

Mealtime is always interesting at our house. Here is the Linkster eating peas. He was spitting them at me, but by the time I grabbed the camera, he had stopped.



Mel said...

I have never seen someone so excited to eat peas! He is such a happy little guy! So he is pulling up and crawling! It seems like we were just down there and he was just born! Oh my Kelli, it all happens so fast doesn't it? I can't hardly beleive how much Linkster looks like his daddy, and avy looks like you! By the way I love the new color, and your hair straight. Isn't it funny I have bone straight hair and I curl it, and you have curly hair and straighten it? ;-) Grass is always greener I suppose! Well girl, your kids are just beautiful and gorwing so quickly! We need to make plans to see eachother in the next year for sure! I miss you guys!

The Dryden Family said...

Get that boy some Steak - He looks more than ready for it! Dean.