Saturday, February 23, 2008


It was a miracle that Avonlea let Rob show her how to properly hit the ball with the putter. She was very adament about hitting it her OWN way.

Lincoln had a blast!

Rob got a hole in one on hole 6! Go Rob.

Mommy and Lincoln enjoying the scenery.

The four of us had such an enjoyable day today. It began around 9:30 this morning as we headed out to the zoo. We thought we had picked the perfect day since it was a little overcast and not incredibly hot. Well, God had other plans. It RAINED! The trip started out with us enjoying the first 30 minutes of visiting the zebras, elephants, monkeys and not to mention, Avonlea got to feed a giraffe. She handed the man her tokens in exchange for a cracker to feed this adorable giraffe, but as I looked away for a split second, she managed to put the cracker in her mouth and take a bite! I grabbed it out of her mouth and explained that this cracker was for the giraffe. She cried because apparently she was hungry and the cracker looked appetizing, but we had to feed it to the giraffe. Needless to say, we headed over to eat lunch and just as we sat down, it downpoured! We stayed under the tiki hut and finished our barbecue lunch. Then we bundled up the kids and made a run for it. Rob and I are pretty adventurous so we laughed the entire way to the car splashing through "rivers" of water flowing through the zoo's sidewalks.
We changed the kids in the car and made it home safely with two sleeping and quite zonked out children. Naps were nice and long (hooray!) and after a quick dinner, we headed out to do some put-put golfing along the beach. It was Avonlea and Lincoln's first time and they had a blast (as you can see in the pictures). We got a quick icecream cone from McDonald's on the way home and I'm happy to say that after jammies, the brushing of teeth, a bedtime story, prayers and a song, our children are happily asleep and Rob and I are about to sit down to a nice, quiet evening and watch a movie. Ahh! Sheer relaxing.
(PS-Not sure why the pictures are blurry.) ???

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Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

cute pictures! i like your hair too--dark is good on you!:) we made it to the zoo, too on saturday, and the kids enjoyed it. we'll be going back when the weather warms up some more.

we hope to make it down there in the next few months, so we'll definitely have to meet up. we miss ya'll!!!

tell rob hi and give the kids hugs from us.