Tuesday, January 9, 2018

This Little Farm
It's been an amazing 3 and 1/2 years. After moving here from the city and taking a forest, molding and shaping it with our bare hands into the farm we had so envisioned, we are looking to move yet again.

Don't ask me how we got here! My head spins too much thinking about it and my head spins at times thinking about how we will move 6 kids, 3 dogs, 3 sheep, 4 cows, a tractor, a barn full of stuff, a house full of stuff, etc. to another state, but that's where we are at and that's what 2018 is looking like.

We are in the process of closing on a house in Tennessee at the end of next month and are asking for your prayers that our adoption would finalize and our two Florida homes would sell (supposed to close on our city home next week).

Man! Has it been a journey forming a forest into a farm. A wild ride if you will. We learned a TON, made mistakes, had some victories, found what makes money on a farm and what puts you in the hole. Found our little nitches of what we love and don't so much love. (In other words, never do again...ah-hem, stinky goats.)

We have met and formed friendships with some stellar people. Rockin' homesteaders! People that will drop what they're doing at the drop of a hat to come assist you with trimming your goats' hooves when you're up a creek. People that will drop by herbs when you and your kids are sick. People who will barter with you, pray with you and put on a cup of coffee just to sit and listen when you need an ear.

We have learned here that we love living in a small town with no traffic. Where people know who you are and still smile.

Where Civil War reinactments are the highlight of the year.

We've grown a lot of food here.

Learned how to deal with frost and ice.

Delivered more animals. Hatched animals. Tried new animals. Lost some animals (my beloved Molly will always be missed...had a moment remembering her this morning as I was ready to throw something across the barnyard in anger towards a stubborn cow who didn't want to be milked. "Molly would stand here and let me milk her" I murmered to myself.)

I am looking forward to our new home. Some days more than others.

I'm looking forward to acres of GRASS!

Some forestry and a creek for the kids to play in.

And just spending time as a family.

Here's to 2018 and new beginnings. We will be sure to keep you updated as the move takes place.

We do appreciate your prayers that our adoption of Silas goes quickly. We will know more in the next 2 weeks, whether this will drag on for a bit or if it will be quick to finalization.

This baby boy is WALKING and brings us such JOY!


Rachel E. said...

What happened to Molly? I remember when you got her.

Kelli said...


Our Molly died after we planted a fresh, wet pasture and let her eat on it too fast. She died overnight from bloat. I cried for weeks. I miss her deeply.