Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Adjusting as a New Adoptive Family

Life as an adoptive family has been wonderful!

I was wondering how everything would work. How would we adjust?

Silas is such a great baby. He is very content, yet sensitive at times. He only cries when he's really tired or hungry. I would say that he's the most similar to our first born, Avonlea. Just calm and cool with whatever we are doing as a family. Maybe he will be a "steady" like she is. (I can cross my fingers and pray, right?!)

He loves to be worn in the baby carrier. The girls and I love taking turns holding him throughout the day and sometimes, I have to get purposefully selfish with him just so I can have him to myself and bond with him.

He has absolutely stolen our hearts and adjusting has been so easy and amazing. I FEEL amazing! No hormones or healing from birth.

We are getting his baby book rolling and getting him on a 3-naps-per-day schedule, which he is fitting into very nicely. He will go to bed around 11 and give us about 4 hours of rest. Each night elongates just a bit, giving us a little more sleep.

Coffee is a new discovery for this mother of six. I can't believe it's taken me six children to discover this little bit o' magic. Between that and vitamin Bs, I am good to go til about 7, then I start craving pajamas, some hot peppermint tea and my pillow.

This little guy loves to snuggle and my biggest delight has been how he recognizes my voice from across the room or in the car and settles right down. He knows my smell and when he's being held by a stranger. At such a young age, he has been through so much, but is adjusting and fitting into our crazy family perfectly.

He has the most kissable cheeks, loves his bath time and listening to Daddy play the piano. He has stolen our hearts!

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