Monday, January 9, 2017

Farm Tour...Parts 1 and 2

These videos were a long time comin', I know.

It's been 2 and 1/2 years since pulling onto this property. Keep in mind, we bought a forest so everything you see in these videos has been cleared by yours truly and hubby. We did things the old fashioned way using just a chainsaw, $100 lawn mower and wagon at first.

Then, after watching Alaska, The Last Frontier, we decided to replicate their "Go Devil" for hauling logs. Then, we were able to finally purchase a John Deere riding mower with a hauling bed in the back. This past spring, we paid a friend who runs a small clearing business to help us clear out our cow pasture. He was a blessing, but we quickly started realizing how if we wanted to finish that pasture and complete another pasture on the other 3 acres, it would be cheaper to just get our own tractor. And that we did!

"Big Blue" (as we like to call her) has been a huge blessing and from Lincoln on up in this family, we all drive it and use it for various jobs around the farm. To say it rocks is an understatement!

I didn't intend for these videos to get SO LONG, but a girl's gotta share what she's been doing these past few years with such amazing, supportive readers, right?  Stay tuned til the end of the second video and you can watch me get bucked by our goat! Boy needs to learn some MANNERS.

I hope you enjoyed watching! Things are always changing around here, but now that we're feeling more "settled", we'll keep the videos a-comin'. {wink}

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Dee said...

Your garden is very inspiring hopefully mine will look that good one day.