Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just Do It
You know, Nike had a great slogan when it came out, "Just Do It".
I was up in arms the other day, trying to juggle everything when I fell face-first on our bed and claimed that I needed a vacation. Yes, the sunny beaches of Mexico were what I was envisioning. Just a quick get-a-way and I promised I'd be right back {grin}.
Since getting the internet, I have noticed some things, I DO LESS! It's true. I love having the internet at home, but find myself flocking to it so often that I get engulfed in it and the time flies by and I haven't gotten anything done! Pre-internet, I read more BOOKS and got more done for sure. Rob laughs because when I have a problem, I simply scramble for the computer to solve whatever needs solving. It's a dirty, nasty, little habit I tell ya! I'm relying on a device that doesn't always have the answers and steals away my TIME. Time that I could be throwing seeds into trays, fixing our nesting boxes or mucking out an area for composting.
It's such an art learning balance, especially with homeschooling. We've had a week getting back into the swing of things, seeing what needs finishing up before summer gets here and I'll admit to hiding in the closet with chocolate (once, okay, maybe twice...ah-hem) to take a breather and refocus.
I love our life here. I love the messes, the animals, the kiddos, the loud, crazy times that I know I'll miss when they're all teenagers getting ready to leave the house. I love soaking in snuggles from a certain 3-year-old, cuddling my "baby" and playing dollhouse. When I get overwhelmed I think about getting rid of it all for a swift second and think, "nah". I still wouldn't trade our chaotic life for the world! Seriously. I could never go back. I could never have a quiet house, void of animals, laughter, even arguing, chicks in my laundry room, baby rabbits in the living room (because we just had 2 litters born this week and they are stinkin' cute!).
In the times of being overwhelmed, I need to "just do it". Get out in the garden and not search for the latest ways of doing it. I don't know about you, but digging my hands in the soft, dark earth is my escape. Really. If I don't have dirt under my fingernails, I've missed out. It's my "go to".
Let that be our goal this spring to "Just Do It".
Be inspired and then, go get your fingernails dirty!
Go ahead now. Git goin'! Shew!
I mean it, get off your couch and get goin'. Start with some seeds and get you some chickens. You'll never look back.

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