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Family Size and Quiverfull...Part I
In the next few days, I want to touch on a topic of which I've done much research, asked many questions, and spoken to many God-fearing believers about.
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Quiver full is definitely a "touchy" topic as there are many sides and takes on it. So let's just dive right in, shall we? (I'm going to divide this series into 3 parts.)
I used to struggle with this topic personally and a few years ago, started really studying Scripture and looking for answers. I didn't want to be disobeying God.
Those that associate themselves with Quiver full, are families who claim that they will accept as many children as the Lord will allow them to have.
First of all, we know multiple families who claim this belief so I am in no way saying that their convictions are "wrong". A heart conviction is different than a commandment from God. It is something that the Lord personally convicts you about. I do think that although there may be some families that the Lord may convict regarding this issue, but that doesn't mean that someone else who doesn't share this conviction isn't a Christian or doesn't love the Lord just as much as the person who is convicted to accept baby after baby.
The way I see the topic of family size panned out, there are many options, but two of the leading ones tend to be:
1.) We're just doing what society says is "right"...girl = check, boy = check, DONE. Or the "four and no more" because let's face it, most of society accepts the four children, but after that, you're just plain nuts! (grin)
2.) We leave our family size "up to the Lord" and have as many babies as He would allow. (Yes, we're all thinking Duggars at this point, but from what I have seen of their family, I believe they are following the Lord's plan for their life.) Where this point of view can go wrong though is when we get like the Pharisees and Sadducees, take Scripture out of context and it becomes like a law, replacing the heart. I love reading up on THIS BLOG and appreciate all of the great tips on homemaking, homeschooling, etc. , but when I read some of their posts and comments on family planning (or lack thereof really), I immediately had a red flags going up. Women were commenting on how they could possibly not survive another birth if they were to get pregnant again, but the blogger deemed that this was in no way an excuse to control their family size as God is the great physician. Yes, God is the great physician and nothing is out of his grasp, however I am reminded of a verse in Matthew 10:23 which says this...
"When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. Truly I tell you, you will not finish going through the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes."
Jesus was telling His disciples to get out of harm's way so that they could continue preaching the gospel. The Good News couldn't be spread if all the disciples stayed put and let everyone kill them off!
If you are a mother with the chance of perishing due to another pregnancy, I would ask you pray. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, to REVEAL A FAITH to you either way (see Hebrews 11 on faith and how it is a REVELATION from the Lord to certain people...I think we so flippantly use the word faith today with things that we want to happen). Be sure you are walking close with the Holy Spirit and know what His voice is like as He whispers to you what He wants you to do. The Holy Spirit speaks to people in dreams, along roadsides, in letters on a wall, through others' words, etc.
Be a "looker".
Some things that are Scripturally obvious to me are Psalm 127...God has to be in the process of baby making for there to be blessing ("unless the Lord build the house").
Many families out there who are non-believers are having babies (some who may grow up to be Christians!), but they will never experience the blessing that we have as believers and their parenting may tend to be more difficult without Jesus (the ultimate symbol of love) as a model for their discipline and parenting. Having a child isn't 100% up to God or why would these families be reproducing?
Our God is a God of order. Look at how His creation was made. He created a woman's body to have a cycle and order. He has allowed us to have the knowledge of how our bodies work and how to control them when necessary. God also gives us free will and that include procreation. He gave Adam and Eve free will from the very beginning.
When it comes to having children, I truly believe that it (like anything Jesus taught) is a HEART ISSUE. It's the WHY or WHY NOT behind it.
Parts 2 and 3 coming up next...

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