Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Want To Hear From YOU!

Okay, friends! Here's your shining moment. {smile}
I may get absolutely zero response on this, but I'm having writer's block this week (Maybe it's the virus we caught as a family. Maybe it's the fact that I have a heifer about to give birth and I'm nervous, or maybe it's the fact that  I have 100 banana boxes in my living room ready to be packed and a house we need to get ready to sell/rent.) Life is busy and I've got a bunch of blog posts spinning in my head, however I'd like to hear what YOU, the readers, want.

Here are the current blogging ideas I need you to choose from:

1.) My thoughts and studies on homeopathics (thus far...I'm a rookie mind you, so go easy!)

2.) Family size and what we believe is Scriptural (it may surprise you)

3.) How I get in time with the Lord, daily

4.) More details of how we're "Goin' Country"

5.) Child Training...some things that have helped us with our discipline that we daily have to work on  (Obedience, Verse Memorization, loving each other, etc.)

6.) Suburban Agricultural questions..."How Tos" and such (Bees are the next thing on our list)

7.) Christian Apologetics

8.) How to milk a cow

9.) How Children Learn Naturally

10.) Lists I keep and how I stay organized (or attempt to...ah-hem)

11.) More from what I've learned reading "Large Family Logistics" (great baby shower gift!)

12.) Quilting

13.) My thoughts/ideas on using Pinterest {grin}...just started a few months ago

14.) Our goals for our property this year and where we're at

15.) Books I've been reading lately

16.) Table plans from our new table and benches (yes, Rob finished them...whoo-hoo!)

17.) How we can tell if we're keeping our children's HEARTS

18.) Bread baking and grains

These are just a few of the things that have been on my mind as I've thought about blogging topics lately. I get motivated and then life happens. (Because you know how that goes!)

If there are other ideas not mentioned here, please don't feel that this list is the "end-all-be-all" either. Ask away!

**If you wish to comment, but want to remain anonymous, just say so in your comment and you shall remain anonymous as I will simply delete your comment, but touch on your topic of choice.

I'm also NOT claiming to have all the answers either (golly!). Just sharing what I've learned along the way. There are so many other people that I think know so much more than I do, but I can point you in the right direction as far as websites, books, or people go, that have helped us.


jkjleo said...

child training

Matthew and Valerie said...

3, 4, 7, 10 :)

Rachel E. said...

I think everything sounds great, but perhaps you can fit in a blog about your God time. I struggle with that one. I have six kids and wowser, I do believe I lose time with that one.

Charlene said...

Love all of your topics. Iam really interested in all of your homesteading projects and how you incorporate the whole family in the process. Thank you.

CEG said...

Hi there. I do enjoy reading your blog. It is so different from my life in the UK. I would be interested in reading more, particularly on 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17. As a regular school teacher I would also be interested to hear how your homeschooling has changed over the years. Thank you, Catherine

Jana said...

1,4 and 14 top my list but that's probably because of where I am at and what I am seeking to learn about or more about. We may be purchasing our land this summer so all is helpful! Also was wondering how you were planning on things like electricity on your homestead....are you going electric or solar or ??? and then the "old ways" when it's dark or cloudy? I am definitely wanting a wood stove to be our major heat source and then trying to plan for when it is warm out. Thinking of using what modern resources we have and then being prepared to survive without if need be. Your thoughts? I know you mentioned a well being dug on your property, is that to be your only water source? Will you run water from it for your home? What about a wood cook stove? How country are we talkin? ;)