Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meet "Ranger"
This morning, I got a pretty exciting text. A text that sent our kids hootin' and hollerin'! A text that excited my 8-year-old so that I've never seen her pack a picnic lunch so fast. A text that sent my children into a flurry of immediate obedience and lots of "yes ma'ams" (not that they never respond out of reverence, but this particular day the reverence was over the top!).

"Ranger", our Bernese Mountain Dog, was ready for pick-up.

Here he is at 5 weeks old when we first met him at a farm about an hour from our home.

You see, we had quite the scare a few weeks ago when we thought we were going to lose our very old Golden Retriever. I think her stomach twisted, but I'm not vet.

We gave some thought into purchasing a puppy and before we knew it, we were dog owners again.

"Ranger" has already had formal introductions with all of our other animals and it went quite well.

Wore the poor, little guy out for goodness sake!

We're hoping that since Riley is still with us, she'll help teach Ranger how to use the facilities here. {grin}

We're up for a long night of whimpering, I'm sure, but I have three very willing children who have already decided that they're going to camp out in the kitchen with sleeping bags for the night. Music to a mother's ears!

There will be lots of ear-pulling, potty-training, chewing, "no-no's", snuggling, night-time whimpering, and training ahead of us. We're excited!

We chose this breed because of their capabilities to help in farm work, herding and pulling carts. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about Ranger in the future.


Jana said...

So sweet! How fun to have a puppy in the house again! Love Molly's greeting! Too cute!

Rachel E. said...

Love, love. ooooh, he's so cute!